Statement By The Turkish Government About H. Res. 252

Vaşington Büyükelçiliği 04.03.2010

Turkey regrets the adoption today of the draft resolution by the United States House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs.

We condemn this draft resolution, accusing the Turkish nation with a crime that it has not committed.

Those who support this draft resolution have adopted a wrong and unfair attitude with political motives while ignoring the historical truths and differences of opinion among the expert historians on the subject.

In addition to the factual historical mistakes regarding the events of 1915 contained in the resolution, it has been drafted with a totally one-sided approach. Turkey believes that the painful events experienced by all people of Anatolia during the First World War have to be scientifically examined by historians using historical records and archives in an unbiased manner.

Intervention by politicians in the domain of historians has always led to negative consequences.

In fact, during all our contacts concerning the draft resolution it was clearly pointed out that its adoption will lead to undesired results.

We are seriously concerned that the adoption of this draft resolution in the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs despite all our warnings will harm Turkey-US relations and impede the efforts for the normalization of Turkey-Armenia relations.

This decision which could adversely affect our cooperation on a wide common agenda with the United States also regrettably attests to a lack of strategic vision.

As a result of this development we recalled this evening our Ambassador Namık Tan to Ankara for consultations.

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