A Scholarship Will Be Awarded To A Us National Who Wishes To Study Turkish Language In Turkey.

Vaşington Büyükelçiliği 15.08.2014


Turkish Prime Ministry-Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities is offering Turkish Language Education Scholarship for foreign government employees and the academics.

Therefore, a scholarship will be awarded to a US national who wishes to study Turkish language in Turkey.

Qualification requirements for the scholarship:

- To be a civil servant/public officer(preferably holder of a Master / PhD degree) with at least three years of experience or a researcher / academic who currently pursues / have already completed a PhD program in the fields of social sciences on a topic related to Turkey,
- To be under the age of 40,

- To not benefit from any of Türkiye Scholarships,

- To present a recommendation letter and a permission letter (This letter should include the details about the time-off procedures (paid or unpaid) over the course of the program) from the affiliated institution,

The details of the scholarship are as follows:

-The Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship will present an opportunity to learn Turkish without a condition of being involved in a research program.

-Only one qualified candidate from each country will be offered the scholarship.

-The scholarship will be granted for 8 – 10 months.

-Scholarship will cover the cost of the Turkish language program and will also include a monthly allowance of 1.500 Turkish Liras (approximately 710 USD).

- In addition to the monthly allowance, airfare tickets (for the first arrival and return flight) and accommodation expenses during the length of the scholarship will be covered.

-Turkish language program will take place in Istanbul, Ankara and/or İzmir.

-The scholarship year is planned to begin on October 15, 2014.

-Application forms for the scholarship program can be downloaded via the following link:

- Applicants are kindly requested to submit their applications through e-mail (contact@turkishembassy.org) or in person to the nearest Turkish diplomatic mission no later than 28th of August 2014.

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