No: 344, 9 November 2017, Press Release Regarding The Release Of Dimitris Kufodinas, A Convicted Member Of 17 November Terrorist Organization

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Dışişleri Bakanlığı 09.11.2017

We have learned with great disappointment that Dimitris Kufodinas, the second-in-command of the 17 November terrorist organization, who was sentenced for life in prison for the assassination of Mr. Çetin Görgü, the Press Attaché of the Turkish Embassy in Athens in 1991, for attempting to assassinate Mr. Deniz Bölükbaşı, Counsellor at the Turkish Embassy in Athens in 1991 and for taking part in the assassination of Mr. Haluk Sipahioğlu, Counsellor at the Turkish Embassy in Athens in 1994, was released from prison today (9 November) for a period of two days.

It is not possible to understand how a terrorist who has repeatedly claimed the lives of our diplomats is given the opportunity to enjoy such an arrangement. Displaying tolerance to a bloodthirsty terrorist in this manner is a sheer disrespect to the memory of our martyred diplomats.

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