Turkish – U.S. Relations in a Changing World

Namık Tan 22.07.2010
Turkish – U.S. Relations in a Changing World
H.E. Namık Tan,
Ambassador of Turkey to the United States
CSIS, July 22, 2010

I would like to thank the CSIS Turkey Project and my old friend Bulent Aliriza for organizing this timely event. The CSIS Turkey Project has set a vanguard example in Washington through its focus on Turkey for almost two decades. I would like to pay tribute to its efficient and admirable work relating to developments in my country in the past as well as the present.

Dr. Aliriza has not only been analyzing and explaining Turkish foreign policy, politics and economy to people in Washington but he has also been a constant source of reliable information for Turkish public opinion on developments in Washington, D.C. In this two-way information traffic, the CSIS Turkey Project has become a source of reference for many in both countries.

Dear friends,

The region Turkey is located in has been interesting for a long time. Consistent with this paradigm, we are currently passing through interesting and difficult times in our region:

- In the east, the Iranian nuclear issue remains unresolved,

- In the south, Iraq has yet to be secured from sources of instability,

- Efforts to resolve the Arab - Israeli conflict remain stalled and Turkish – Israeli relations are passing through difficult times,

- In the north, the Caucasus continues to be a potential source of renewed conflicts,

- In the west, reconciliation efforts in Bosnia face serious challenges,

- And in Cyprus, the isolation of the Turkish Cypriots continues despite various attempts to achieve a settlement.

Turkey plays an important, if not cent

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