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Press Release Regarding The Parliamentary Elections To Be Held In Iraq , 05.03.2010

On 7 March 2010, parliamentary elections are going to be held in Iraq. The elections will be decisive on the success of democratization and stabilization efforts in Iraq as well as on the resolution of ongoing problems in the country on the basis of political reconciliation.

All the political groups in Iraq and the international community expect that the elections take place in a secure and peaceful environment; in a transparent and fair manner, in compliance with the international customs; with the widest possible participation and reflect Iraqi people’s free will. With the completion of the electoral process without raising questions about its legitimacy among the Iraqi people and the international community, an important milestone in Iraq’s political process will be achieved.

As a country which attaches utmost importance to the consolidation of democratic culture and reconciliation in brotherly Iraq and taking into consideration the invitation already extended by Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq, Turkey has decided to dispatch a large team of observers. In this context, 46 observers from various organizations including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkish Embassy in Baghdad, Turkish Consulate Generals in Mosul and Basra, universities and think tanks have been assigned to monitor the elections. Some countries and international organizations will also send observers to follow the elections.

Turkey wishes to see a successful, fair, democratic and transparent poll, which will help strengthen stability as well as social and political harmony in the country and it is convinced that in a spirit of unity and tolerance and with common sense, friendly and brotherly people of Iraq will overcome the challenges they currently face.