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A Statement By The Mofa Turkey, On Inauguration Of Afghan National Assembly By President Karzai , 26.01.2011

We welcome that the National Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will be inaugurated by President Hamid Karzai on 26 January 2011 in line with the Constitution of Afghanistan. 


The opening of the National Assembly is important in achieving the targeted concrete results this year in several fields, including foremost national reconciliation.


The start of the new legislative term without further delay by the National Assembly, which was formed with the elections held on 18 September 2010, was made possible due to the agreement reached between the legislative and administrative powers which was based on the principle of the rule of law. This consensus demonstrates the existence of political will to overcome the challenges within an atmosphere of cooperation in the time ahead. The inauguration of the National Assembly and the consensus which has made this possible will constitute an important step taken towards an environment of peace and calm that is highly deserved by the friendly and fraternal people of Afghanistan.


The far sighted and responsible statesmanship which has placed Afghanistan’s future in the forefront, displayed by the relevant parties as part of the democratic development process of the country is worthy of every praise.  


Turkey firmly believes that lasting peace, security and stability in Afghanistan shall only be possible on the basis of national unity and solidarity. Turkey will continue to act in solidarity with friendly Afghanistan and continue her comprehensive contributions within her means.