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Embassy Announcement

4th Annual International Children’s Friendship Festival 2013 To Be Organized In Seattle, Wa On April 27-28 , 25.04.2013

To celebrate the National Sovereignty and Children's Day with the children in the U.S., the Turkish American Cultural Association of Washington (TACAWA)is bringing the 4th Annual International Children’s Friendship Festival 2013 (ICFF) to Seattle on April 27-28.

Over the two days, children groups representing more than 40 countries around the world will perform unique dances, songs and musical performances. In addition to stage performances, the festival will feature cultural displays by local ethnic communities, providing an opportunity for children to mingle and learn about their cultures from one another. On Sunday, April 28, the Seattle Sounders and Seahawk teams will participate to promote a healthy diet and active lifestyle for children.

To learn more about the festival program and location, you can visit http://childrensfest.tacawa.org/?page_id=2